Delmarva’s Population

September 30, 2009

Sometimes I wonder how I come up with the strange thoughts I have. This one is easy. I was gathering information for a project that listed the 2006 population estimates of the incorporated municipalities in Delmarva. Since I found the figures I thought I’d take a closer look at them.

Depending on whom you ask, the northern border of Delmarva is different.

The scientific border would make it the fall line that divides the crystalline rocks of the Piedmont from the unconsolidated sediments of the Coastal Plain. This line passes through the cities of Newark and Wilmington, just North of Interstate 95 close to the Pennsylvania Border. Others use the C&D canal as the border.

Depending on which line one use as the border makes a big difference on which municipalities fall within the top 10. Looking at the population estimates from the US Census Bureau for 2006, three of the top five municipalities with the greatest population sit between the Pennsylvania border and the canal. These are Wilmington Delaware, first on the list, Newark Delaware, third, and Elkton, Maryland at number five.

But if one uses only those south of the C&D canal the top ten are:
1 Dover, Delaware
2 Salisbury, Maryland
3 Easton, Maryland
4 Cambridge, Maryland
5 Middletown, Delaware
6 Milford, Delaware
7 Smyrna, Delaware
8 Seaford, Delaware
9 Ocean City, Maryland
10 Georgetown, Delaware

Note: The town of Elsmere, Delaware and City of New Castle, Delaware population estimates are between Ocean City, Maryland and Georgetown, Delaware. These along with Chestertown, Maryland all have a population of approximately 5,000 with the 2006 estimates difference between Elsmere, Delaware and Chestertown, Maryland being less than 1000 and between New Castle, Delaware and Chestertown, Maryland less than 50.

Of the 114 municipalities south of the C&D canal only 5 have a population greater than 10,000 with 67 having less than 1,000. The largest, Dover, Delaware has 34,735, while Salisbury, Maryland has around 7,000 less with 27,172.

The conclusion? The Delmarva Peninsula has quite a number of small towns with small town life.

© Steven G. Atkinson

One Response to “ Delmarva’s Population ”

  1. Robert Corsa on August 5, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    I am interested in the Delmarva because of the large population shift of Veterans from both North and south. I believe in planning and not crisis management which is happening to the Veteran population in Sussex County De and Ocean City and Pines.

    I am a Veterans advocate and believe that the veteran is an indication of how we are doing as a country. Enough said

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